Tackling the World’s Water Scarcity Problem

Barbara Frost
Barbara Frost
Former Chief Executive of WaterAid

The recent adoption of the new Sustainable Development Goals aimed at eradicating extreme poverty by 2030, and the proposed climate change agreements expected to be reached in Paris in December, present a vision that could transform our world. Goal 6 sets out to achieve universal access to safe water and sanitation. The achievement of this will require increased political will, new ways of working, and a large injection of suitable financing backed up with the systems to deliver these basic services. However, this investment has the potential to change lives and improve health and prosperity while protecting our planet.

Climate change, drought, water scarcity and floods all pose dilemmas alongside rapid urbanisation, growing inequality and rising populations. Tackling the issue of water scarcity in all its forms is fundamental to both meeting Goal 6 and ensuring that the human right to water and sanitation is realised...

*Statistics within article correct at original publication date of CHOGM 201 Report.

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