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Dr Jean-Luc Vez

Combating Cybercrime through Public-private Cooperation

Dr Jean-Luc Vez, Head of Security at the World Economic Forum, discusses a new approach to regulation and recommendations for public-private partnerships that could help in the fight against the growing global problem of cybercrime.

Baroness Joanna Shields

Tackling Extremism and Child Sexual Exploitation Online

Baroness Joanna Shields, UK Minister for Internet Safety and Security, welcomes further strengthening of the international response to internet extremism and child sexual exploitation (CSE), and focuses on making sure that agencies are well equipped to challenge the abusers.

Michael A DeSilva

Transnational Security Co-operation in the Caribbean

Michael A DeSilva, Commissioner of Bermuda Police Service and President of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP), highlights the necessity for inter-agency co-operation and collaboration between police forces in the Caribbean in the modern fight against crime.

Shola Taylor

The Internet and Inclusive Growth

Shola Taylor, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, believes the internet is the solution to more inclusive growth in the Commonwealth, and considers the challenges to universal internet access, finance and security.

Professor Asha Kanwar

Open and Distance Learning for Sustainable Development

Professor Asha Kanwar, President and CEO of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), makes it clear that to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education that promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all, we must find ways to reach learners regardless of where they are and do so efficiently and at scale.

Nasir Kazmi

Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the Commonwealth

Nasir Kazmi, Education Adviser at the Commonwealth Secretariat, makes the case for strengthening bridging mechanisms between young people and their prospective employers to tackle the youth unemployment challenge in the Commonwealth, and introduces findings of a recent Commonwealth review into current practice and effectiveness of Sector Skills Councils.

Sonny Leong

An Education System for the Future

Sonny Leong, Chair of the Council for Education in the Commonwealth, makes a plea for the world education system to remodel itself into a network that embraces an open attitude to the future and prepares our young people for the opportunities of continuing change.