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Raffaello Pantucci and Dr Sasha Jesperson

Calibrating a Commonwealth-wide Response to Terrorism

Raffaello Pantucci and Dr Sasha Jesperson of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) discuss terrorism and extreme violence in the Commonwealth, in particular the growth of ISIL, but urge us to keep calm and not to overreact.

Kofi Annan

Are Elections Giving Democracy a Bad Name?

Kofi Annan, Chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation, welcomes the spread of democratic elections, but warns that repressive regimes can still distort the system, resulting in a lack of trust and laying up trouble for the future.

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Common Values, Shared Challenges

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister of Australia, urges member countries to respond to change and control conflict by nurturing respect and understanding, right at the very heart of Commonwealth values.

Dr Josephine Ojiambo

Advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the Commonwealth

Dr Josephine Ojiambo, Deputy Secretary-General (Political) at the Commonwealth Secretariat, details the synergies and linkages between Commonwealth initiatives and innovations and the Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting areas in which member states can benefit from the Commonwealth’s unique advantages.

Amina Mohammed

The Sustainable Development Goals: A Shared Vision and Action Plan for Humanity

Amina Mohammed, the former UN Special Adviser on Post- 2015 Development Planning, reminds everyone, and especially the young, that it will need courage, perseverance and a spirit of partnership to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

David Howell (Lord Howell of Guildford)

The Modern Commonwealth – Adding Global Value

David Howell (Lord Howell of Guildford), President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, reminds readers how the Commonwealth is the ideal network, with links enhanced by modern technical advances, jointly promoting security and prosperity for its members.

Richard Bourne

Irregular Migration in the Commonwealth

Richard Bourne, Trustee of the Ramphal Institute and a Vice President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, examines the challenges facing the Commonwealth as it strives to contain and reduce undocumented migration, both external and internal, and recommends a multiple approach.

Helen Clark

The Commonwealth in a Post-2015 World

Helen Clark, former Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and former Prime Minister of New Zealand, asserts that youth, innovation and sustainable development should be at the heart of the Commonwealth post-2015.

In-house publication

Queen and Commonwealth: 65 Glorious Years

In 2017 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate 65 years as Head of the Commonwealth. This milestone gives us all another opportunity to reflect on her long and illustrious reign and to give thanks to Her Majesty, whose steadfastness and commitment to the Commonwealth is exemplary.