Natural Resources Reports

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Patricia Espinosa

Climate Action in the Commonwealth

Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), explains that the next two years are critical to strengthen low-carbon, sustainable pathways, and reaffirms the Commonwealth’s major role in climate action leadership.

Caroline Kende-Robb

Managing Oil, Gas and Mining in Africa

Are Africans benefitting fully from the resource boom? Caroline Kende-Robb, Executive Director, Africa Progress Panel, points the way to saving billions for the benefit of all Africans.  

Jacob Zuma

Overcoming the Energy Challenge in South Africa

Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, explains how the country is responding to the serious power constraints that have haunted South Africa over the last few years, and outlines the strategy for achieving future energy security.

Michael Sippitt

Facilitating Trade and Investment in Sustainable Technologies

Michael Sippitt, Chairman of the Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform (CEIP), explains how the pan-Commonwealth network links entrepreneurs, companies and investors engaged in environmental and sustainable technologies and services.

Achim Steiner

On the Path to Sustainable Consumption and Production

Achim Steiner, former Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), tackles the challenge of worldwide resource use and conservation, and points out the great gains that can be made through efficiency of production and consumption.

Malawi’s Story of Water and Economic Development

President Peter Mutharika of Malawi expounds the paradoxes of Malawi’s water situation and outlines the country’s opportunities for water management and development.

Barbara Frost

Tackling the World’s Water Scarcity Problem

Barbara Frost, former Chief Executive of WaterAid, argues that water scarcity – which is at the heart of today’s global water crisis - is rooted in power, poverty, inequality and management. Political will and inspirational leadership are key to providing access to safe water and sanitation.