Building a New Civilisation

Professor Muhammad Yunus
Professor Muhammad Yunus
Social entrepreneur and Nobel Peace Prize winner

We have in front of us an unprecedented opportunity, a historic chance to make the paradigm shift that humanity desperately needs. We need it because science tells us we do, because our consciences tell us we cannot do without it. This year of 2015 has already demonstrated a continuous building up of momentum towards something big: a historic conference on climate change that has the potential to redefine humanity’s destiny.

Earlier in 2015, following on from Davos, many global businesses came together to call on governments to agree to a net zero carbon goal by 2050. Investors are being more proactive in disclosing the carbon footprint of their portfolios, choosing to decarbonise their investments, and some are going as far as publicly announcing that they are divesting from fossil fuels. During their last meeting, the G7 sent an unmistakable message of commitment, to decarbonise the economy by the end of the century. But this is not all. People of all faiths have loudly and clearly welcomed the strong message coming from the Papal Encyclical on ecology in June, calling on world leadership to urgently take action on climate change. We cannot ask for any clearer sign that the time is ready, that the time is now...

*Statistics within article correct at original publication date of CHOGM 2015 Report.

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