Australia’s ambitious health reforms: Prioritising mental health and preventive health

The Hon Greg Hunt MP
The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Minister for Health, Australia

“We are implementing the first ever Long Term National Health Plan to promote sustainability of the health system, support healthcare professionals and the broader health sector.”

Australia’s health system is recognised as one of the most successful in the world. It is comparatively safe, affordable and accessible. Australians are among the longest living people and the country tops international rankings for clinical outcomes.

When it comes to building on our successes the Government remains aspirational, to make our health system a world-best. We see an opportunity to build a genuinely patient-centred and integrated system that is connected and effective.

However, Australia also faces challenges in our health system as we aim to better support people as they age, better treat and manage chronic diseases and keep our system sustainable, by getting the best value for money from our investments...

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